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At Koi City, we understand the importance of routine service and maintenance to keep your ponds and fish healthy.

Our knowledgable staff will be happy to provide you with all your pond care needs.

Installations- We install Filters, Pumps, UV Units, Bulbs, Quartz Sleeves, and even take out equipment that needs to be replaced.

Pond Clean-Out- Remove and house fish (If you have them), drain your pond, pressure wash if possible, clean filter(s), trim pond plants, test water quality, add chemicals and/or solutions.

Maintenance- Removal of debris in pond(s), waterfall(s), and stream(s), control and remove string or filamentous algae, skimmer baskets, pump baskets, clean filter pads, or backwash filter systems, water quality test, visual of fish and aquatic plant life.

Trouble Shooting- Service consultations, trouble with pump, filter, UV, or any questions.

Service call- Inspect Koi, vacuum pond floor, clean traps, trim pond plants.

Koi Medications- Injections, water treatments, oral medication.

Desgin- Let us help you design the pond of your dreams.

Please call us for current prices 760-747-0858 Thank You